Delft3D | 三维水动力-水质模型系统





Delft3D是目前广泛使用的的三维水动力-水质模型系统,尤其曲面格式。系统能地进行的水流(Flow)、水动力(Hydrodynamics)、波浪(Waves)、泥沙(Morphology)、水质(Waq)和生态(Eco)的计算。Delft3D采用Delft计算格式,而稳定,质量、动量和能量守恒;并通过与法国EDF合作,Delft3D已经实现了类似TeleMac的有限单元法(Finite Elements)计算格式供用户选择;系统自带的水质和生态过程库(Processes Library),能帮助用户建立起需要的模块。此外,在守恒的前提下,水质和生态模块采用了网格结合的方式,大幅度降低了运算成本。系统实现了与GIS的链接,有的前后处理功能,并与Matlab环境结合,格式的图形、图像和动画仿真;基于Visual Basic的用户界面友好。Delft3D主要的操作系统,如Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac等。



Delft3D是的3维水动力-水质模型系统,水流、水动力、波浪、泥沙、水质、生态等6个模块,各模块之间在线动态耦合(online dynamic coupling);整个系统按照目前新的“即插即用(plug and play)”的标准设计,实现开放(OMS: Open Modelling System),满足用户二次开发和系统的需求。



Delft3D系统在上应用的十分广泛,如荷兰、俄罗斯、波兰、德国、澳大利亚、美国、西班牙、英国、新西兰、新加坡、马来西亚等,尤其是美国已经有很长的应用历史。中国香港地区从70年代中期就开始使用Delft3D系统,已经成为香港环境署的标准产品。Delft3D从80年代中期开始在内陆也有越来越多的应用,如长江口、杭州湾、渤海湾、滇池、辽河、三江平原。此外Delft3D已经成为很多的水、环境咨询公司的有力工具,如DHV、Witteven+Boss、Royal Haskoning、Halcrow等公司。 



Delft3D Suite


3D/2D modelling suite for integral water solutions

Wind, waves and currents shape our coasts. Climate change and rising sea levels add further to this pressure. To enable us to live safely along our shores, we need effective coastal and marine management. Moreover, these coastal processes do not present the only threat. We must also protect ourselves against excess river water, while on the other hand we need that water for transport, irrigation, energy, cooling, recreation, environmental protection and as a source of drinking water. Consequently, design and management procedures become more complex and require an integrated approach. Usually, a range of conflicting aspects needs to be evaluated and it is crucial that the compound impact may be surveyed from any desired viewpoint also in terms of time and space.


In response to this challenge, Deltares has developed powerful modelling suite software called Delft3D, focusing primarily on application in the free surface water environment.



Delft3D is a flexible integrated modelling suite, which simulates two-dimensional (in either the horizontal or a vertical plane) and three-dimensional flow, sediment transport and morphology, waves, water quality and ecology and is capable of handling the interactions between these processes. The suite is designed for use by domain experts and non-experts alike, which may range from consultants and engineers or contractors, to regulators and government officials, all of whom are active in one or more of the stages of the design, implementation and management cycle.


The current version of Delft3D is version 4.01.00.



Some of the typical key features of Delft3D are:

the suite gives direct access to state-of-the-art process knowledge, accumulated and developed at one of the world’s most renowned hydraulic institutes

the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is one of the most user-friendly in the market

all programmes show a high degree of integration and inter-operability.



3D/2D software

Natural phenomena have inherent spatial characteristics, i.e. variations may occur in the two horizontal directions and along the vertical axis. Likewise, elementary natural processes often require a three-dimensional (3D) description, are time dependent and mostly interrelated. For instance, local hydrodynamic conditions determine the local sediment transport rates. However, the gradients of those rates determine the bathymetry, which in turn affects the hydrodynamic basis of the process. Appreciating nature’s complexity, we at Deltares have always incorporated these interrelationships into our work. And this notion has been a crucial design aspect in the development of reliable, modular 3D/2D software.




Delft3D allows you to simulate the interaction of water, sediment, ecology and water quality in time and space. The suite is mostly used for the modelling of natural environments like coastal, river and estuarine areas, but it is equally suitable for more artificial environments like harbours, locks, etc. Delft3D consists of a number of well-tested and validated programmes, which are linked to and integrated with one-another. These programmes are further described separately hereafter:




D-Water Quality


D-Particle Tracking.



Graphical User Interface

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is one of the most user-friendly in the market. Under the umbrella of this GUI, the programmes combine to form an exceptionally versatile, powerful and easy-to-use suite. The GUI allows the user to visualize model input, reference data and simulation results as time series and animations of one-, two- and three-dimensional data sets. The moving image of the flows in and out of an estuary, for instance, can be observed and examined in gradual, fast forward and fast backward mode. The user can also gather a wide, overhead perspective of his entire system or, by contrast, zoom in on a site of particular relevance or difficulty.




The validation of a modelling system such as Delft3D requires continuous attention. Even though the individual programmes of the suite have been thoroughly tested during their development, the suite as a whole requires intensive testing and also validation. To this end, a regular programme has been established and tests of many of the most likely combinations are continually performed. As a policy, new versions are released only after an extensive beta testing period, to ensure that our users are provided with stable and validated products.



System requirements

Delft3D is supported on both Microsoft Windows and Redhat/Linux.


Several Delft3D service packages, including fully validated high quality Delft3D distributions, are available to suit your specific needs! 

-        For consultancy firms, governmental organizations and research institutes worldwide we have designed our Basic Service Packages, Advance Service Packages, Professional Service Package, Premium Service Package and Enterprise Service Package.

-        For universities and schools, we offer our Education Service Package.

-        Code developers are supported with our Developer Service Package.

Designed with you in mind, they offer you your requested level of convenience.


Support desk

The Delft3D support desk is the user’s instantly accessible contact point for all questions and problems concerning the software. The support team answers the majority of questions instantly or ensures that a timely reply is given by one of the other Delft3D team members. All incoming queries on the programmes, current or future performance, are recorded in our professional issue tracker system. This system is an important instrument in the realisation of improvements to the programmes, the manuals and the Deltares Academy training courses. New versions of Delft3D will be released once a year to all users, as part of their service package.


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